How Is The Music Industry Different In 2018?

What is happening with the music industry these days? The music world is always changing, but doesn’t it seem like it has undergone more changes than usual in the last decade or so? It sure does, and while some changes are welcome, others are making even the artists themselves a bit apprehensive. Need I say Spotify?

To be truthful, digital downloads and streaming have been in play for decades. Yet Apple Music used to rule the roost. Now Spotify rules the roost and has forced Apple to tap into the streaming industry itself. It’s all about streaming now vs downloading, so you don’t really even own the songs. Therefore, artists are forced to market their music in an effort to take royalty payments from streaming services based on a pool.

If that were all, that would be a big enough change. But the industry is being flooded with new artists. There is still the Billboard 200 and the most popular artists and songs, but more people these days are branching out and listening to different artists. There is YouTube, too, of course, and every artist out there has social media to promote his or her work.

It is like an infiltration of the celebrity circle. It could mean that fewer people make it ‘big’ in the music industry, like a spreading of wealth if you will. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. So what else is going on with the music industry?

Well, rock music is pretty much ding-dong dead. Have you noticed that? People love the classics, but not much new rock music is charting these days. Then you have KPop, which is one of the biggest movements the music industry has ever seen. That just goes to show, too, the way globalism and social networking has such an impact on culture across the world these days.

You should see the social media following some of these KPop bands have. It makes the days of Justin Bieber seem like nothing at all. It’s really something the way the music industry keeps evolving. Rap and hip-hop music is changing in major ways, too, and of course, pop music, in general, is back in the driver’s seat again.

Ed Sheeran is probably my favorite solo artist. Imagine Dragons would be my favorite group. Those are my favorite picks as far as modern music. Then there is Shawn Mendes. He is one of my favorites, too. Which of the artists and groups in today’s world are your favorites?

How The Music Industry Has Changed

In the old days, getting a recording contract was the focal point for all musicians. If you didn’t have a record label backing you up, you couldn’t really expect to make a living through music. And if your sales drop, you get dropped by the label.

Yes, the music industry is still as cut-throat as it was back then, but there are many things that have changed as well. For example, musicians don’t need record labels to make money from their music. There are innovative platforms online that help musicians get the edge they need without even trying to impress a label.

The State Of The Music Industry Now

Apart from all the piracy that is going on, a lot of indie musicians are making their way onto the scene. How is this possible? Because they realized the internet can be a very powerful tool if you use it right. Now, all you need is some good music and the platform, then you can create your own fame.

That’s right, the music industry is not as exclusive as it used to be. The power is switching to the musicians, and they are getting into a position where they can cut the strings that record labels always keep pulling.

How Indie Musicians Are Doing It

If you are a musician or you have a band, and you want to live the dream without having to worry about record labels, here are some great suggestions.

– A YouTube Channel (Exposure)

People love their dose of YouTube every day, and it is a great place to set up a channel for your music. The best part is that they don’t need to be professional. As long as the quality is good enough for people to see and hear what’s going on, you’re good to go. Although, if you can use professional equipment, it does help.

– A Crowdfunding Page (Support)

Start a crowdfunding page where your fans can make donations. In return, you can send them special singles or free albums.

– Sell Your Songs On Bandcamp (Money)

Get those songs up on Bandcamp and sell them like a professional. You set the price, you choose the songs, and you choose the cover.

These are just some of the options you can use if you are a musician trying to break into the music industry. Forget about impressing labels when you have fans waiting.

Benefits of Being A Kpop Fan

There are many things which make Korean pop very special. In fact, being a Kpop fan has its set of advantages that I am sure many out there may not be aware of. So, without further ado, here are the benefits of kpop that you should know about as seen on KpopMerchandise.

Helps you learn the language better

Did you know that those who are learning a new language will have a better chance of remembering the language they are learning if they sing it? Listening to kpop will enable you to learn a few words and phrases that will help you learn you learn the language better.

It keeps you healthy

This is because of the dancing involved. Kpop songs will make you learn how to dance which may be beneficial to your health. The dancing associated with kpop songs is important to your health as it can reduce anxiety, reduce depression, and boost your coping ability, body image, self-esteem, and overall health. Therefore, it may be a good idea to put on your dancing shoes and listen to kpop songs.

Kpop will make you a well-rounded person

Kpop can help you understand the culture of other people. This is because of the fact that when you listen to kpop, you will be interested to learn about its country of origin, its food, its culture among other things. As a result, it makes people well rounded as it expands horizons.

Can help your brain relax

Kpop music can help you relax as it makes our brains produce dopamine. In fact, there are many kpop fans who claim that listening to kpop songs helped them go through painful and difficult times. These are not just claims considering the fact that science has proved that listening to soothing music or music you enjoy can help the mind relax. So, if you feel stressed, or feeling anxious, consider listening to kpop songs so that you may get back in a good mood.

It is exciting

Kpop is fun and can even make an ordinary day extraordinary. Having fun can be very important to your overall health and this is something that kpop songs offer. So, if you are looking for an enjoyable activity to include in your everyday life, it may be a good idea to consider kpop songs.

Kpop can increase your lifespan

According to a certain research, going to concerts can increase your lifespan by 9-10 years. The main reason given is that going to concerts can help lift your spirits. This can also be said of kpop concerts which can also help you live longer. Therefore, it may be good to consider going for kpop concerts to increase your lifespan. I mean, who doesn’t like this?

There are many reasons why you should consider listening to kpop songs. So, it may be a good idea to consider listening to kpop songs to enjoy the benefits you have seen in this article. If you have never listened to kpop songs today look for them and start your journey of being a fan today.